Security elements

Our company offers our customers protection of printing products in various versions. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the purpose and importance of the document, on the possibility of replacing certain protective elements with others, taking into account the specifics of the product. The level of value of a particular document corresponds to the set of protective degrees of this product.

Protection from forgery — is a whole complex of different elements, which are put on valuable documents during their production, in order to avoid falsification and easy identification of counterfeits. Forms of securities and documents are made with the help of unique technologies combining various methods and methods of applying protection, using special materials.

Protection against forgery of securities, financial and legal documents, exists as well as documents in the form of plastic cards.

The holographic elements are the best protection, preventing unauthorized copying and forgery. Holograms protect against forgery the forms of strict accountability, both on paper and on plastic basis. Holographic protection can also be used by banks, insurance companies and other companies to protect their documentation (guarantee sheets for equipment, commodity passports, etc.). As a rule, this type of product is protected by holograms of hot stamping or by means of a holographic overlay, which provide a 100% guarantee of protection and make it impossible to forge a document.

Documents with holographic security elements include:

  • Bank forms
  • All kinds of identification documents
  • Licenses
  • Certificates and cards
  • Excise stamps for tobacco and alcohol products
  • Control marks
  • Diplomas
  • Quality certificates
  • Banknotes
  • Coins and commemorative medals