Secure polygraphic printing

Protected polygraphy GML Trading (FZC) is a polygraphic production of products protected from forgery, such as banknotes, securities, excise stamps, strict accounting documents, etc. Protection against counterfeiting is provided through the use of special materials, technologies, equipment in the manufacture, as well as the introduction of special protective features.

Watermark — a pattern introduced during the production of paper on a paper machine, is expressed in a local change in the density of paper, which gives a distinguishable clearance.

Protective inclusions

Inclusions — these are objects introduced into the pulp during production. After the production, they are integrated with the paper, are clearly distinguishable both with the naked eye and with the use of magnifying glasses. Below there are some variations of the inclusions:

  • Protective thread — most often a polymer thread, introduced into the pulp during casting. It can contain holograms, optically variable figures, metallization, etc.
  • Protective fibers — long pieces of fibers other than paper, often painted with fluorescent pigments and glow in UV light.
  • Other physical objects

Chemical protection

Chemical protection — in the production of paper in the paper pulp can be introduced special chemicals that can change the color or properties when exposed to solvents.