National ID card

ID card (ID- card), made by GML Trading (FZC) for any country in the world — an official document proving the identity, including in electronic systems of different levels and purposes, made in the format of a polycarbonate card.

ID card contains information about the card holder in text, machine readable and electronic forms, including his photo, name, personal number, sample signature, biometric information recorded in an electronic chip or on a magnetic strip.

The identification plastic cards issued by GML Trading (FZC)

are protected from moisture by a special coating, the applied image does not burn out in the sun, with time it does not lose its luster, does not turn yellow, does not deform and does not become brittle like a laminated cardboard card. Plastic can withstand a large number of flexion / extension. Plastic documents are made with a holographic, ultraviolet protective coating applied. Identification plastic cards comply with the world standard ISO and can have a magnetic strip, embossing, microchip or other kind of personalization.

In the made plastic identification card, it is impossible to correct or change the applied data. It is characterized by durability of the material, a long shelf life, eliminates the possibility of forgery, changing the shape or removing any data.