Governmental sphere

Our company offers states the use of advanced technologies, the manufacture of sovereign objects of protected printing, to ensure:

  • National security;
  • Sustainable economic and social development;
  • Creating conditions for the effective use of work resources.

National security

Independence from foreign suppliers in the production of identification documents and passports, own data management infrastructure located on the ground, own protective technologies and production facilities.

Sustainable economic and social development

Economic development and competitiveness increase, expansion and variety of information technologies and business of the protected press in the country.

Creating conditions for the effective use of work resources

Creation of an advanced educational platform for certification and training of local labor potential, which contributes to the involvement of citizens in the production process.

Our offers

  • Project management, including concept and introduction to the market
  • Installation and setup of personalization software for electronic documents
  • Implementation of personalization systems and solutions
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates of physical and information security
  • Training of operators and administrators, as well as certification at the location of the client
  • Support service