Electronic Biometric Passport

An electronic biometric passport, made by GML Trading (FZC) is a state document that certifies the identity and citizenship of the holder when crossing state borders and staying abroad.

The biometric passport differs from the usual one in that it contains a special chip containing the photograph of the owner, as well as his data: name, first name, date of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiration date, and any additional information about the owner. The standards provide for the possibility of storing special biometric information in the microchip, for example, the drawing of the iris or fingerprints. The difference between a biometric passport and the usual one is the availability of information that is inaccessible to its owner, and the possibility of its remote reading. The biometric passport meets the requirements of international standards ISO / IEC 14443A for the recording and reading of data, as well as the requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

The data page of the electronic biometric passport is made of a multilayered polymeric material (polycarbonate). The data is entered using laser engraving technology and laser perforation. To print the data page of the passport, special paints are used, which, under the influence of the ultraviolet source, acquire their own glow.

Possible list of information contained on the chip of the biometric passport:

  • Digitized photo
  • Personal data
  • Digitized signature
  • Fingerprints
  • Passport number, information on the date of issue and expiration date
  • Other information at will (blood rhesus factor, retina)

The biometric passport, issued by GML Trading (FZC), is extremely difficult to forge. Internal pages are protected by watermarks with a coat of arms and images on historical themes. The owner data page includes images that are only visible at a certain angle. It is impossible to forge the photo itself, as it is done with laser engraving, and the information on the electronic medium is encrypted. The chip is designed in such a way that when you try to detach it, it will just stop working.

GML Trading (FZC) carries out the entire cycle of work on manufacturing a biometric passport, from design creation to personalization:

  • Passport design, within the framework of a multi-level approach to protection, guarantees maximum protection of personal data and attractiveness of the document
  • Protective printing of paper pages meets the highest standards of safety and quality
  • Durability of the data page made of polycarbonate 45 microns thick (or less thick), suitable for laser engraving, with a variety of protective functions integrated in the passport booklet
  • Integrated protective optical functions, including a demutualized, translucent hologram, printed on a data page
  • Using laser engraving and perforating techniques to quickly and automatically apply the owner's personal information to a data page
  • Contactless chip for global interoperability