Biometric verification

Biometric verification serves as a powerful and very reliable tool for identifying a person's identity and verifying its authenticity for further action, whether it is access to a bank account or voting in state elections.

It is extremely important that the government and banks provide their citizens and customers with a reliable and convenient mechanism for entering funds, accounts and profiles, since in the end this will reduce the likelihood of fraud or identity data.

The biometric verification provided by GML Trading (FZC) includes the collection, identification and management of fingerprints and face photography (1: 1 and 1: N coincidence) with the possibility of including other biometric modalities such as: iris, palm or voice.

Verification of ID documents and verification of biometric data is performed both on specific equipment (for on-site verification) and on conventional smartphones (for remote verification). This turns this technology into a convenient and easy-to-use tool for all involved parties - authorities, banks, service providers and end-users.

The company provides services for verification of identification documents on the basis of a complex of computer programs "Software of document verification information system" for airlines, hotels, banks and other interested customers. Our goal is to reliably verify the identification documents of the Customer's customers and to ensure the automation of document turnover control for the detection of invalid, forged and lost documents.

The verification system is designed to verify:

  • Correctness of the formation of series and ID-document numbers;
  • Images of ID-documents;
  • Document on all validation rules;
  • The period of validity of ID-documents;
  • Identification of lost and stolen ID-documents in databases.

Users of the system are employees of airports, hotels and similar organizations that, in accordance with their duties, must check ID-documents.