About company

The production of protected printing products is the production of documents that are valuable to their owner. Values must be protected against forgery and / or illegal use.

Effective document protection is the use of a whole range of security measures using a variety of technologies.

Our company is guided in its work by an integrated approach to the production of national identity documents: it is planning the release and creation of the product, including material, security elements, operating systems, applications, cryptography, secure process of collecting, storing and transferring data, and personalizing the document; provides services in project management, operational control, maintenance; consults at all stages of development, production and personalization of documents.



The company carries out a closed cycle of services, ranging from advisory assistance in the development of legislative acts, the supply of production and personalization solutions for the production of identification documents, the development and production of security elements, software and database structures, printing forms of identity documents, and personalization of documents.

High quality protection

It produces documents with a high level of protection, in an absolutely safe environment, in conditions of closed production and with strict quality and accounting standards.

Great experience in development

He has extensive experience in developing and providing citizens of different countries with identification documents, IT systems, creating a turnkey printing industry for the implementation of international contracts around the world, with an emphasis on the countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia.