Unique technologies in the biometrics

Own technological products and integration systems

System of Public Key Infrastructure

  • Own technological products and integration systems

    It offers solutions for government and government agencies to develop and implement identification documents, systems for personalizing identification documents ID 1 and ID 3 using laser engraving technology, manufacturing highly secure biometric passports and identity cards, creating a digital government and integrated population registration systems.

  • Scientific and industrial complex

    Produces, both polymers and electronic identification documents on paper in a single production technological chain. Also, a public key infrastructure (PKI) system has been developed and implemented, with the help of which the production and circulation of electronic identity documents takes place.

  • Unique technologies in the field of biometrics

    It produces highly protected documents using information systems, lasers, polycarbonate, unique demutualized holograms; applies complex solutions to protect excisable goods from forgery; keeps records and control of state turnover of excise stamps personalized using I-Met technology, contact, contactless chips.

Market segments

  • Governmental sphere

  • Banking sector

  • Excise stamps and their accounting systems

  • Biometric verification

  • Border control

  • Demographic registry


National ID card

Electronic Biometric Passport

Electronic Driving License

Certificate of registration of the vehicle

Electronic medical record

Electronic birth certificate

Security elements

Other identification documents

International payment systems

Secure polygraphic printing